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Offline Mail Readers Home Page (Jim Hanoian)
QWK utilities (David Daniel Anderson)
Olr - Off-Line readers (files)
Silver Xpress, Off-line reader and mail door for DOS and OS/2 (Santronics)
Official home page
Home page
FTP site

Off-line Xpress, QWK reader for DOS and Windows (Mustang)
Web site

Blue Wave, Mail reader - Off-line reader and mail door for DOS and OS/2 (George Hatchew)
Note: discontinued development and support
BWExplorer, BlueWave offline reader for Win 9x

BWExplorer, Blue Wave Explorer - Blue Wave mail packets reader for Windows 95/NT (Michele Di Maria)
Home page

Multimail, QWK/Blue Wave reader for various platforms (with source) (William McBrine)
Home page

SkyReader, QWK, Blue Wave, OMEN and SOUP compatible offline mail reader for DOS, Win32, OS/2 and Linux%%%Note: development discontinued (Timo Sirainen)
Front page

ATP, QWK mail reader for DOS, OS/2 and Linux (with source) (Thomas McWilliams)

JMR, QWK offline mail reader for Unix and OS/2 (with source) (Jukka Vuokko)
Home page

Windows Mail Manager, Off-line QWK reader for Windows (Jakob Gubensek)
Home page

MailMaker, Off-line QWK reader for Windows (Martin Naef)
MailMaker Home Page


PGP, Pretty Good Privacy

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