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The Official BBS FAQ by Claire Walters includes information to help those wanting to setup an online service/BBS. It includes descriptions of shareware and commercial BBS software for all sorts of platforms.
Unix BBS FAQ, with links to software
BBS Corner for SysOps
BBS Corner for SysOps
Yahoo: ANSI Art links
Sysops Corner
BBS Archives - A Resource for BBS Sysops
BBS Xchange
Banner exchange for BBS-related sites.
BBS Promotion Team
BBS Awareness

BBS related files

BBS Archives, BBS files
Europa, BBS files
Simtel.Net, Various BBS SW
Index - Bulletin Board Sources, links to BBS software and support
BBS software listing
BBSREF, Great reference of BBS software
BBS World
Linux BBS software

BBS software


AdeptXBBS web page


Complete BBS package with full internal FidoNet and InterNet support for various platforms
BBBS home page
BBBS files


Citadel files

Datacomm BBS

Datacom BBS

Eagles BBS

Eagles BBS

EleBBS, for DOS, OS/2, Linux and Windows 9x/NT/2000 (last release: 29 Oct 2000)

EleBBS Home page

Excalibur BBS

Excalibur Communications, Home Page
Cyberspace HQ, Sales and TurnKey Solutions for Excalibur BBS

Galacticomm's Major and WorldLink

Galacticomm BBS
Galacticomm Home page


Illusion BBS SW Home Page

Inquity BBS, DOS

Inquity BBS Home page

Instinct BBS

Instinct BBS Home page


The UnOfficial LoraBBS Support Page

Maximus CBCS (Lanius)

Lanius Official Web Site
Maximus Home page and files
Maximus web page
Oeonline Maximus files Maximus files
MUE, Maximus user editor

UED, Maximus User Editor

UED web pages
UED ftp

Mystic BBS

The Official Mystic BBS web page

Oblivion/2 BBS

Oblivion BBS Home page


OPUS Software web page

Power BBS

Power BBS Web Site
Power BBS FTP Site


Unofficial PCBoard Web Site
PCBoard support files


ProBoard Home page

Public Address BBS, MacIntosh BBS

PA - Public Address, unofficial WWW page


QuickBBS Home Page
Quick BBS utils

Raptor BBS

Raptor BBS home page


Remote BBS (RBBS) web page (Al Franz)
RBBS files
RBBS files (ftp)
RBBS-PC web page

Remote Access

Remote Access Home page
Remote Access and RA Pro Home page
The official RemoteAccess Support Site


Renegade web page (Patrick Spence)
Renegade Web Ring


Searchlight's Home page

Synchronet, it's freeware now!

Synchronet Web Site
Synchronet Web Site


T.A.G. BBS Home Page


Bryant Software, enhancement software products for TBBS

tcRemoteAccess32 BBS

tcRA32 BBS Home page

Telegard BBS

Official Telegard BBS Home Page
Telegard BBS Home Page

Tornado BBS, Win 32, OS/2 & DOS

Tornado BBS home page


Official TriBBS Home page
TriBBS Home pages


TurBoard NAPLPS BBS Home Page

Virtual BBS

Virtual BBS, Software, Utils, Add-Ons


Waffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Waffle files
Waffle files


Santronics, Wildcat! aka Winserver Home Page
Mustang Software Inc., (maker of Wildcat!) Home Page

WinBBS Australia

WinBBS Australia for Windows 3.xx home page


WWIV current developer Home page
WWIV files

BBS SW utilities

Door programs

Blue Wave, Off-line reader and mail door for DOS and OS/2

Blue Wave files
Blue Wave compatible products
Blue Wave FAQ

Silver Xpress, Off-line reader and mail door for DOS and OS/2 (Santronics)

Silver Xpress official Home page
Silver Xpress web page
Silver Xpress FTP site

Ultrasoft, BBS Doors home page
ResNova Software, web page
Jibben Software BBS door games
MMB TEAMate, Demo Server Home Page
Links to IFDC FileGate FDN Sites
Lincware, door programs
Doors Galore, door sites index
John Dailey Software, door sites index archives, door archives
Tinysoft BBS doors

Various BBS SW Door files sites

DDS - Doorware Distribution System Home Page
DDSDOORS files on Golden Gate BBS FTP site
SimtelNet, bbsdoors files
OS/2 native doors
Sunrise Door Software Home Page


Fossil programs
Fossil Files
BNU, DOS Fossil - official site

X00, SIO and Vmodem (Ray Gwinn)

X00 is DOS FOSSIL, SIO is communications driver for OS/2
Ray Gwinn Home page
Ray Gwinn files

cFos, FOSSIL for DOS, Win 3.1, Win 95, Win NT and OS/2

cFos Home page
cFos files

ADF, Serial port FOSSIL driver for DOS, Win 3.1, Win 95, Win NT and OS/2

ADF Home page


BgFax, Send/receive fax program for sysops. (B.J. Gullot)

Works with FidoNet mailers
Home page

Omega Software
BBS utilities, which include Labtest (file tester/converter), Online Library (Document manager), and The Internet Connection (Email transport system).
THD ProScan, BBS Upload Processor

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