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FidoNet Home page (
Yahoo's List of Web Pages related to FidoNet
FidoNet Web page (Bo Bendtsen's)
Zone 2 UUCP FidoNet/Internet gateway home page
FidoNet on the Internet (F.O.T.I.) (Bobby Queen) (Eng)
The Echolist Home Page
FidoNet Resources - Support - History
About FidoNet (Jerry Schwartz)
Fidonet oriented news server
Fidonet oriented news server
Was ist das FidoNet (Ger)


FidoNews home page
FidoNews Files in text format

FTSC - FidoNet Technical Standards Cometee

FTSC Official website
FTSC files
FTSC, Workgroup Group Y - Year 2000 issues

FidoNet related files

FidoNet files, Sunsite
FileBone, FidoNet File Distribution Networks
The IFDC FileGate Project, FidoNet File Distribution Networks Home Page
The IFDC FileGate Project, FidoNet File Distribution Networks Home Page
The IFDC FileGate Project, FidoNet File Distribution Networks Archive (FTP)
The IFDC FileGate Project, FidoNet File Distribution Networks Home Page (
Web access to SDS, GFD, DDS and other fileecho areas

FidoNet software


FidoNet software
Y2K-compatible FTN software list, with references and downloads
Y2K fixes-patches list (Simon Slater)
FidoNet Software files
Linux FidoNet Software
Fido files
Software projects by Tobias Ernst
Programs by Alberto Pasquale: FastLst, NEF & other
Husky project


FidoNet Software - mailers
Argus, Multi-node BinkStyle Fidonet frontend mailer with TCP/IP capabilties (Win 9x/NT).
Home page

Beemail, Fidonet frontend mailer (Win 3x,9x/NT)
Beemail home page

BinkleyTerm, Fidonet frontend mailer
Y2K patch for BinkleyTerm 2.60

BinkleyTerm XE, Fidonet frontend mailer (DOS, Win 9x/NT, OS/2)
Home Page
Home Page mirror

FrontDoor, Fidonet frontend mailer (Definite Solutions)
Definite Solutions official home page

InterMail, Fidonet frontend mailer
Home page

MainDoor, Fidonet frontend mailer
Maindoor files

McMail, Fidonet frontend mailer (DOS)
Home page

Portal of Power, Fidonet frontend mailer (DOS)
Home of Portal of Power (Marcus Roeckrath) (Eng)

T-Mail, Fidonet frontend mailer (DOS, OS/2, Win 9x)
Home page
Web page

Xenia, Fidonet frontend mailer (DOS, OS/2)
Web page

Nodelists and Nodelist utilities

Nodelists and Nodediffs

FidoNet Nodelist

Zone 2 Nodelists and Nodediffs

Zone 2 nodelist files
Zone 2 nodelist and nodediff files

Nodelists processors and utilities

Nodelist utilities
NLTools (David L. Nugent)
FidoNet "St. Louis" format Nodelist builder and maintainer for *Cs
FastLst, V7+ Nodelist processor (Alberto Pasquale)

Point software and message editors

PntChk, Professional pointlist-segment checker by Pavel I.Osipov
WinPoint 95, point program for Windows 95 (Tim Schattkowsky)
Frontdoor APX/w, point program for Windows
CrossPoint, point software
OpneXP Crosspoint Projekt Homepage , point software
Terminate, home page - terminal program with point capabilities
FIPS, Fido Integrated Point System (J.Weinzierl & O.Weindl)
PPoint, Point SW for DOS and Windows (Harvey Parisien)
Timed, message editor (Artware)
Msged TE (Tobias Ernst)
SqEd, Message editor
GoldEd, message editor
Golded Home Page
Golded files

GoldEd+, message editor
GoldEd+ Home Page (Alex S. Aganichev)

MadMed, message editor
MadMed Home Page

WinPoint, Point Sw for Windows 95 (D. Boer)
WinPoint web page

SemPoint for Windows home page
SemPoint for Windows files

Mail processors - tossers

FMail, FidoNet mail processor Home Page
Squish, FidoNet mail processor
Area manager for Squish written in REXX and runs under OS/2
Netmail packer/router for Binkley-style static outbounds
FastEcho, FidoNet Tosser and Scaner
FastEcho Official Site
FastEcho web page
FastEcho support

InterEcho, Echomail tosser
For Wildcat!, PCBoard, Synchronet, Goldbase, Hudson, JAM and .MSG message formats.
Web page

Fidonet - Internet

FidoNet over Internet (Lothar Behet)
Fido via Internet FAQ
FidoNet nodes available over Internet
UUPC/Extended - Multipatform UUCP program
TransNet, FidoNet - Internet gateway SW
Argus, A multi-node BinkStyle Fidonet-technology mailer with TCP/IP capabilties.
FidoGate, Linux/Unix FidoNet Internet gateway SW
Fidonet to Internet Mailer for Windows 95
An easy to setup gateway for Fidonet<->Internet for use with a Soup mail client
Internet Rex
Internet Rex is a tool for BBS sysops to transfer netmail over the Internet from one BBS to another.
Decoder of XX-/UUDECODE, BASE64/BINHEX-data out of text, fido-msg/pkt
BinkD, Binkleyterm adopted for exchange mail through Internet

WaterGate, FidoNet Internet gateway SW
New WaterGate Home page
WaterGate Home page
Another Watergate site

GIGO, Fidonet - Internet gateway software for DOS and OS/2 (Jason Fessler)
GIGO home page
GIGO files
GIGO utilities


Nef, TIC file distribution and announcement (Alberto Pasquale)
Nef/pk, TIC file distribution and announcement - Nef clone (Y2K ready)
Timed, Netmgr, Wimm files (Artware)
Sqafix Home page, Sqafix is Areafix program
O/T-Track, FidoNet netmail handler
InspectA, File manager with archive and FidoNet functions (David Nugent)
Home page

Allfix, Tick processor for DOS, OS/2 & Win 9x (last release: 28 May 2000)
Home Page
Web page

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