BBSs on Internet

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List of BBSs accessable with Vmodem
thedirectory, Telnetable BBSes
Telnet-Accessible BBSs

BBSs on Internet


ABM Eiger BBS, Slovenia (Slo)
MojsteR BBS, Slovenia (Slo)
Repro BBS (Slo)
Repro support Slovenia


Air Pollution BBS (Usa)
Colossus BBS
Doc's Place Online
COMM Port OS/2 (Bob Juge)
The Economic Bulletin Board (R)
US Dept of Commerce
World Largest BBS
A large free bbs with internet access
Station 1 BBS
Time File Bank
Lot of Clipper and database programming stuff
The Ozone BBS
Music, Programming, OS/2 and bbs support. Located in Rochester, Michigan USA


Delta BBS
Deltacomm official BBS. Telix for DOS and Windows support
Galacticomm Inc. BBS
Major and WorldLink BBS SW support.
Med TechNet Online Services
Mustang Inc official BBS. Support for Wildcat! BBS software, Qmodem communication program and OLX QWK offline reader.
Saltair BBS
PCBoard BBS SW support BBS
U.S. Robotics
USR modems official support


Multi BBS
Big Australian BBS. Teldr, telnet door for OS/2 BBSs support. FTP

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